My Official Dear John Press Photo

My Official Dear John Press Photo
This was about 1990 when I was at Paramount on the show, Dear John.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have bought a new old car. It is a 1994 Mercury Villager. It needs some work but it seems OK for now.

I want to do some more videos soon. I have been very busy with lawn mowing and house maintenance.

My Financial Site

I have put some Lists together at YouTube including Original Songs. If you visit my channel the lists are available on the right near the top. I have three lists at this time.
Have fun.

I have a few songs up with a link to each title under the video. The MP3 files are free to play. I will add more when I have an opportunity. If you click on any song title a page opens with a player playing the song.
Here is one of my many YouTube videos.

My YouTube channel is Here.
Here are some links to three of my MP3 songs at Soundclick. Two are Christmas songs. The third song is one I wote and recorded in 1971 with Greg Penny playing guitar, bass and drums. The fourth song was recorded on a four track Fostex 460 recorder/board with a guitarist and some back up girl vocalists.
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Silent Night
It's Good to Be Back Home Again (Original)
Please Don't Play My Record (On the Radio)

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